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This young, trendy, affordable property from the Marriott Group of hotels is connected to ADNEC, and would largely attract guests that would come to attend the exhibition/seminars. The Client Partner wanted to improve the F&B offering along with tactical promotions for the property in order to attract more resident crowd to the hotel.

ENVY Logo_Gold on Green Vignett_RGB-01.png


While the naming took off from the two brick ovens that are the highlight of this rooftop restaurant, the logo was inspired from the shape of the Brick in its truest form. The launch was supported with F&B and guest communication touchpoints, ambient collaterals to amplify the awareness of the new venue at Aloft Abu Dhabi.

Fluid Logo on background vignet_RGB-01.png


The task was to rebrand the pool bar garden terrace to a venue with multiple F&B zones complemented under the same name. The naming and logo design was inspired by one of the key features of the venue – fairy lights – that would liven up the venue in the evenings. The launch of the venue was supported with several F&B and communication touchpoints across ambient and social media.